Our mission in business is to always exceed our clients expectations.


Our objectives are ostensibly tied to the successful operations and well-being of our clients. We bring to the table best practices that ensure lives and property are secured and that the businesses we secure remain in business. As a result, we have developed a mantra which runs deep in the soul of our staff viz:

Our mission in business is to always exceed our clients expectations.

I am the eyes and ears of Management,

the queen of the organization. For decades,,

I have kept organizations safe and thriving,

purchasing these with my sweat and vigil.,

To miscreants, I am the day of reckoning;,

To Management  the hope of the future.,

Where the threat is heavy, there I am.,


I yield to nothing.


Our vision is to raise a corps of professional security officers, steadfast and sound in the knowledge and fear of God; and to excel in the provision of qualitative security, intelligence and righteousness.

Our vision was informed by the realisation that the security business; especially the manned  guarding arm is basically a people  heavy business. The guard force is our major resource, hence the need to address the total man  spirit, soul and body. Furthermore, since our major product is TRUST, the guard must be trustworthy.

In God we trust & others, we investigate is a slogan that resonates in the subconscious of every staff of the company.

This is the fulcrum upon which stand all approaches to the business. We recognize God as the ultimate Chief Security Officer and except He watches over our locations, we watch but in vain.


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